New Gov Program Is Giving Homeowners Solar Panels & Backup Batteries For $0 If They Qualify


The Government has increased grants and incentives for homeowners that decide to go solar. The initiative is meant to dramatically lower use of less clean energy sources.

Savvy Homeowners Are Taking Advantage

The big power companies are not thrilled that millions of homeowners are taking advantage of huge government stimulus credit programs which helping people get the latest in Solar Technology. These programs help homeowners to use solar power by covering the cost of solar installation, allowing you to go solar for $0 out of pocket depending on your zip code

Important: You can check your eligibility at no cost to you and with no obligation to participate in the green program should you happen to be a good candidate. It would only take one minute to complete the assessment. It’s an easy process that will not only save the planet but save you a significant amount of dollars throughout the year as well!

Will These Programs Work For Me?

In just the past year, solar panel and battery backup costs have gotten much cheaper, allowing solar to become a cost-saving addition for homeowners rather than just a benefit for the environment. Both state and federal governments understand the importance of “going green,” but just as important, they are trying to get energy costs down to reduce the burden of inflation. Homeowners in qualified zip codes are taking advantage of $1,000’s of dollars in benefits that can cover 100% of the costs related to new solar panel installation projects. 

Quick Summary:

There’s no longer any need to wait to get back your solar investment – with the new incentives homeowners can take advantage of the 2023 Solar program and begin saving right away. 

How Do I Find Out If My Home Is Eligible?

Step 1: Click on your state below.

Step 2: Enter your zip code to verify solar rebates and programs in your area.

Step 3: Compare the best Solar programs in your area and see your savings.

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