I Tried Keto Diet for 2 Weeks and Here's What Happened

  by Carla Spencer                  September 24, 2023    Health • Advertorial

For years I’ve struggled with the overweight… I always thought it’s my genes, but the reality was different.

As many things I tried to lose weight, I always failed. I couldn’t keep up with those generic diets and I just hate gyms.

After two pregnancies my condition got worse, I love my kids more than anything in the world, but they really didn’t helped my body to stay fit!

Without that, I always had a huge passion for food!

I like to cook, I always try different recipes, and I really love restaurants, no matter if it’s in my town or in another country, me and my husband always try new places and all the delicious meals they offer.

And that’s just a couple of reasons why I thought I can’t stay fit…

In reality, I just never had enough determination, and I just can’t stay in strict regimes long enough to actually lose weight.

All the diets that I tried, no matter if I found them on the internet or I paid for them huge amounts of money to private doctors and nutritionists, every single of them made me miserable… I was always exhausted, pushed to eating tasteless, nonsense food, and it always required so much time and work.

Even if I ate by the rules, while I cooked at home. Every time I received an invitation from my friends to go out, my diet always ended at that point where I just couldn’t find anything to eat at the restaurant, which would fit my diet.

And from that moment everything starts again…

My diet gets forgotten, all the sweets and delicacies that I craved so much returns and gets eaten 2x faster.

My weight always comes back to the same state…

Until one day, when I met my dear old friend from the university.

The first thought that popped in my head when I saw her was “How is she so fit and why does her skin look so young?”

Soon enough, I asked her exactly that.

What she said, didn’t made a lot of sense at that moment, she just mentioned one application called KetoCycle.

After some research about it, I found out that KetoCycle was made by a group of scientists and diet specialists, with its main goal to help you lose weight by using Keto diet.

KetoCycle app will do all the hard work for you

Track calories and count macros

Plan your meals: thousand of customized recipes (including many delicious desserts and snacks)

 Create your weekly grocery lists

It will take all the headache and guess works away for you, which is the main cause of failure with every generic diet plan out there 

So how did I do with Keto diet?

It was amazing and I did great!

KetoCycle app helped through every step of my diet, it kind of became my friend for the whole journey.

I was able to eat absolutely everything I wanted and all those recipes and meals offered by KetoCycle were so delicious and totally on point with my food preferences.

I was not afraid to lose any progress, because Keto diet didn’t exhaust me at all and didn’t took anything from me that I love.

I went to the city with my husband all the time and there wasn’t a time when I couldn’t find something to eat in a restaurant.

I was always full of energy, my mood was stable and very positive, even my skin started glowing and most importantly my weight started to drop immediately!

Looking at the results… It was unbelievable!

In two weeks I reached my goal and I lost 8 kg. Without that, my skin problems disappeared and I felt great through whole diet. After finishing the diet I didn’t lost the results I achieved, everything stayed where it is, it’s easier for me to breath, move and love my life!

Keto is the magic pill that gets your body healthy

"The ketogenic lifestyle gets to the bottom of almost every chronic disease known to mankind: heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's, PCOS, metabolic syndrome. Keto does not treat these diseases one by one, as conventional doctors do, but gets to the root of the problem - insulin resistance. When you have insulin levels under control, you reduce inflammation and thus the risk of chronic diseases."
Lauren Weiss, Ph.D., CNS-S, CKNS
Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist

Find out how much weight you will lose and when

Geniuses from Keto Cycle recently developed a smart free quiz that will show exact results you could achieve. Even though its short and simple, it asses your habits, routines, food preferences and behavioural psychology to calculate how much weight you will lose and even tell you how long it will take!

Do you struggle with weight loss?

Joanna L.
Joanna L.
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I've tried many diets and none of them worked for me until KetoCycle, I'm not scared to step on the scale after it.
Mike K.
Mike K.
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While working in office it’s really easy to gain weight, so I tried KetoCycle and it helped me to keep the balance of my body very easily.
Susanna V.
Susanna V.
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At my age, it’s hard to love your body, but KetoCycle really helped me to achieve that dream body I always wanted!

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