Warning Signs Your Pillow is Adversely Affecting Your Health

 by Carla Spencer        September 24, 2023   Health • Advertorial

Are you suffering from chronic back or neck pain?

Impacting your ability to get a full night’s worth of sleep & quality of life?

We all know how it feels to wake up with a stiff and sore neck

It affects our ability to live our normal life and reduces range of motion, something we often take for advantage when in good health.

In most cases, these factors can be influenced by a person’s health, such as their weight and other medical conditions

However in some cases, it’s simply down to not having the right sleeping apparatus. 

We all know how a bad mattress can contribute significantly to chronic back pain and fatigue as a result of lack of sleep.

And how it is something which you shouldn’t look to save money on as it’s an investment in your well being & health…

Whilst also preventing potentially expensive medical treatments down the line.

But did you know that the kind of pillow you use could also equally have an adverse impact on your body?

The wrong kind of pillow can cause pain by not providing enough support for both your neck muscles and spine.

This can cause your head to be out of alignment with your spine, especially if your pillow is too plush or thin.

So it’s no surprise that a pillow which isn’t suited to your needs can make you develop chronic neck pain, where you’re spending 7-9 hours in the same position, each and every night.

This can also compound any pain you’re already experiencing from either an injury or bad posture, especially if you’re working at a job where you spend long hours at a desk.

This pain can also keep you up at night, depriving you of adequate sleep, which is vital when it comes to repairing & maintaining your body.

In fact, lack of sleep can contribute to obesity and various heart diseases down the line, greatly shortening your life expectancy and quality of life.

It could very well be the reason why you often feel lethargic, groggy and unapproachable at times.

So what can I do to prevent these conditions from developing in the first place?

This gradually gets worse as you get older, so the best time to act is sooner rather than later.

With there being so much choice out there, it’s often hard to pick a product that’s right for you, and one that’s truly effective

As the wrong kind of pillow will only lead you back to experiencing the same problems you’re desperately trying to avoid…

Introducing Derila, an ergonomic pillow designed to effectively combat neck pain.

Derila is truly an effective solution for correcting neck posture whilst sleeping and eliminating neck pain as it features:


    This high-quality memory foam adjusts to your shape and weight


    Wings at each side mean the Derila works for side, back, and stomach sleepers.


    Holds your neck at the ideal height for a natural sleep posture


    Gently cradles your head to reduce tossing, turning, and restlessness


    Regulates temperature so you can sleep in comfort

It essentially works by using the spine’s natural curvature.

The memory foam responds to your weight and shape, giving you the support you need to sleep without pain.

It also prevents any chronic neck pain from developing in the first place and helps undo all the damage that has been done by using a “bad” pillow.

However, it’s even recommended for those that don’t suffer from any neck pain…yet!

And as the age old saying goes, prevention is definitely better than cure.

And as it also prevents snoring, it also makes a great gift for your spouse or any other family member or friend!

What is memory foam?

Memory foam is made from something called polyurethane which is completely harmless to humans.

This is a type of material that gets it’s name from the fact that it can change shape under pressure, but return to it’s original shape when the pressure is gone.

This let’s it adjust to your individual shape and gives you extra head and neck support.

Made from this material, Derila not only supports – it molds to your unique shape, just like a custom pillow (at a fraction of the price). This means that however you like to sleep (back, side or stomach), you’ll get the restful sleep you need.

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their sleeping arrangements is not thinking about their posture & positions.

But when you switch to Derila, you’ll relax into memory foam that adapts to your position and gives your anatomy the support it needs. Allowing you to tackle your busy day, without pain and tiredness holding you back.

With Derila, support meets comfort…

Don’t just believe us! Here are a few reviews we found...

Derila Customers Wake Up Feeling Their Best… You Deserve To Feel Rested And Pain-Free Too!

If you are ready to feel the freedom that a good night’s sleep can offer you, don’t hesitate any longer!

Here’s how to get yours:

Order the Derila today and have it shipped directly to your front door. In no time, you will be sleeping like a baby and will no longer have to suffer from the discomfort that your old pillow and sleep habits have caused.

UPDATE September 26, 2023 – Since Derila was launched on the internet, the product has generated incredible hype and has already sold over 763,419 units. The company is so confident in their product that they offer a  30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 50% discount . However, supplies are regularly exhausted very quickly!

To see if Derila is still available, click the button below.

Emma G.
Emma G.
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I have TMJ pain and migraines. This pillow is very comfortable and adapts to my needs.
Susanna V.
Susanna V.
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A wonderful supportive pillow that has helped me get a much better night's sleep. It was delivered quickly, even to Italy, and was well packaged. I recommended my friends to buy it too!
Mark K.
Mark K.
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Really nice pillow, great quality, and exactly as described with fast delivery. Smells nice too, unlike some memory foam pillows.
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